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Pameran Foto Two Places Twennty Moments Papa Masuk Koran(1)

Jadi Pameran Foto Papa Vinka kemarin sempat masuk di beberapa koran lokal Jepang. Diantaranya Koran Kahoku Shindo Newspaper, Ishinomaki Kahoku Newspaper dan city hall. Sebagai istri tentu saja bangga. Walaupun nggak ngerti  dibilang apa  tuh di korannya, abis pakai bahasa Jepang.
Tapi alhamdulillah untungnya ada versi bahasa Inggrisnya. Jadi ngerti dikit diberitain apa dan ini  versi bahasa Inggris dari koran  Kahoku untuk berita pameran foto papa Vinka.

    Kahoku, Newspaper, Februari, 7 2014

Connecting the Tsunami Disaster Sites with Photography
Banda Aceh Civil Servant holds Exhibitions in Higashimatsushima  starting Today
The photography exhibition of Yuli Martunis (33) starts on the 7that Higashimastshushima Wellness Center”Yu-pu-to”. He is a civil servant from Banda Aceh, the city damaged by the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami in 2004. Yuli participates on a training program hosted by HOPE Higashimatshushima, a PPP organization established by the Higashimatshushima City after it was hit by the Great East Japan Earhquake and Tsunami. The title of the exhibition is “Two Places, Twenty Moments.” By using photography, the  exhibition make a connections between the two cities hit by large scale tsunami, introducing the progress of reconstruction and rehabilitation, amongs others things.
Photos Captured by Unique Sensitivity
Since last year, what Yuli has learnt in HOPE includes disaster debris management,and community business. He started photography two years ago and his skill has won competitions back in Banda Aceh. The HOPE organized this exhibition  as he has been taking photographs on the side from  his training.
Exhibited are ten photographs taken in Banda Aceh and ten photographs taken in Higashimatshuhima. The photographaps from  Banda Aceh captured the ship swept inlad by the tsunami, reconstructed mosque, in addition to sceneries such as the market and Islamic New Years. The photo from Higashimatshushima shows the Tea Ceremony, a traditional Japanese culture, debris sorting by hand from a unique sensitivity.
Yuli has been sent on a JICA project. JICA has been supporting building up of relationship between the  two cities. He finished his program this month. The exhibition is planned to travel to JICA Plaza Tohoku in Aoba City of Sendai City.
Yuli says”I chose photos that expresses the life of the city. It would be nice if many people can see the exhibition to know more about Banda Aceh.”
The exhibition is until February 19th. It is open 10am until 10pm. Closed on Thursdays. Free Entry. Please contact HOPE for futher inormation.

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