Tuesday 29 April 2014

Tsunami Site: Electrical Generator ship Banda Aceh VS Kyotokumaru Japan

Tsunami Site: Electrical Generator ship Banda Aceh
Photo Source: Personal collection
Right on 26 December 2014 is the momentum of the Acehnese people in commemorating 10 years of the Tsunami . Still fresh in our memory about the enormity of this disaster , but after 10 years have passed , we have to see the future.
Work harder to build Aceh can be done by all parties , not only of the Government , the private sector such as small home industry will certainly be one of the sectors that deserve to be prioritized . Aceh had receive a lot of support from foreign donations in terms of community empowerment during post-tsunami, of course, we should appreciated that  by working hard and diligently to create a sustainable society
Model of Electrical Generator Ship
Photo Source: Personal collection
This is very different from what happened in Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit the Tohoku region (northern Japan) . It can be said that they receive very little support from outside / foreign and rely more on resources from their own country. Despite losing of their property but the Japanese people are very patient, does not look explosive emotions, they still retain cultural queued for various basic needs, even in any situation.

Tsunami Tourism Site
In Banda Aceh there are a few tsunami sites which attracted tourists both local and foreign to visit. Such as Floating Ship on the roof top in Lampulo , Electrical Generator ship in Punge , Tsunami Museum , etc. .
In other countries, there is not much site regarding on Tsunami memorial site or building. If we compare with Japan, after the earthquake and tsunami after 2011, it can be said there is no more building or the remnants of the disaster that made as memorial. Due to the basic of Japanese culture which is a bit sentimental and have a deep impression of a thing and did not want to remember it again if these considered as unfavorable things.
Photo source:AFP
 For example , in the port town named  Kesennuma , there was a large ship with 330 tons “Kyotokumaru” is slightly smaller than the Electrical Generator ship in Punge , but what happened ? At first, there were pros and cons between those who wish to keep it to be one proof of the tsunami and others who feel sad  (because every time  they see the ship will remind them of the missing relatives).

To make a decision, the local government of Kesennuma city arranges a referendum among citizens of the city, and the results can already guess where the majority (almost 70 %) of community wanted that the big ship for demolish.
Indeed, many parties who deplore the decision of Kesennuma city residents, but for them life must go on, although there is no remnants of the disaster that can be used as a warning for future generations, which might be thought that the huge tsunami it just a fairy tale sheer.

Tsunami Site: Electrical Generator ship
Photo Source: Personal collection
We should feel lucky living in Aceh, where there are a lot of memorials that can give lessons for the next generations and of course the tsunami sites need to be maintained and kept together.

For example: 2,600 tons Electrical Generator ship belongs to PT PLN (National Electrical Company) was initially brought to Banda Aceh to support the electricity supply in Banda Aceh by 10, 5 Megawatts. Due to the conflict in Aceh, there were so many towers of electricity broken and power supply is interrupted. This Ship which has ​​1,900 square meters and 63 meters length had swept
away around 5 km from the Ulele coast to  Punge Blang Cut village in Banda Aceh. Until now Electrical Generator ship still in the city center and used as tsunami memorial.
Visitor Electrical Generation Ship
Photo Source: Personal collection

Even this Electrical Generator ship exposed to the brunt of the tsunami waves, the ship still in a good shape. Banda Aceh city government make 2 hectares educational park around this site. This educational park is equipped with tsunami information records following by photographs are captured when the disaster happened. Bridges were also built so that visitors can enjoy sightseeing from all sides.

Not far from the Electrical Generator ship, there is an inscription as high as 2.5 meters. Inscription round shaped clock that shows the time clock 07.55WIB, right when tsunami waves struck Aceh. In miniature tsunamis are also embossed image and the shape of a house which was swept away by the tsunami.

Inscription bridge and round the clock monument view from electrical generator ship
Photo Source: Personal collection

Visiting hour
Photo Source: Personal collection


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